Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 Big Time Soccer League Draft Assesment

SC Canada completed their 2016 BigTimeSoccer draft on Thursday. The club who are usually secret about their moves were available for a quick synopsis of the draft.

"Like always we look at these thing analytically and try to get the greatest value from all of our decisions. Arguably we should of bought an extra DP spots but it didn't surprise us that most of our players from last season were taken early on by other teams. We appreciate their service last season although when you loose a cup final changes are required. In all honesty we were not going to use our picks to pick the same players we had on our club last season."

SC Canada took Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard with the first pick overall. They traded up for the first pick.

"When we went for the 1st round pick we thought Giovinco might potentially be available to us although when he was taken our next objective knowing later in the draft we take some risks so we took Gerrard as we feel he will guarantee us points with him being the quarterback of the club and also taking most of the club Free Kick and Penalty opportunities. We as a club would be surprised if he doesn't get 16 points for us this season."

SC Canada then drafted two forwards

"In a year with limited new players who can make a difference. We feel we grabbed the best in Shkelzen Gashi who can follow up on his European success and score 12 to 15 goals. In term of Torres although he struggled last season he was a 15 goal scorer in 2014."

Lampard joins Gerrard in a very experienced team

"We took Lampard for the challenge as they say he and Gerrard can never play together so why not put them on a championship winning side in 2016. Like Gerrard, Ivanschitz looks to be Seattle set play specialist which could see him gain above 10 points this season. Speaking of Seattle we felt Pappa was held back by the Sounders and can show his offensive potential this year. Will Jonson is another player under the radar who is projected to be healthy and starting this season - "A healthy Johnson scored 14 points in 2013" well David Ousted we feel is the top keeper in the league. "  

SC Canada drafted three defenders

"We like defenders who can get shots on target but also add assists. Tierney scored scored 19 points last season well Figueroa when he was in the Premier League averaged 10 to 12 points a season. Last year we took a risk on Ciman and the results were very positive. Aird is our fourth defender along with Ramos, and like draft picks Molino and Herbers these are young players who if given minutes we feel will score points"

Were they happy with the draft

"We were happy with the draft and feel our team can compete. Our scouts are still tracking undrafted players and do feel changes will be made if these scouted players given a fair amount of minutes or players on our roster don't achieve their potential. We look to compete for the Big Time Soccer League Title this season and we think our chances of winning are very good"