Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week 13 Lineup

Gk - Luis Robles(NYR)

 2 - Miguel Ibarra(MNU) 
 3 - Blerim Dzemiali (MTL)
 4 - Bismark Boateng(COL)
 5 - David Accam(CHI)
 6 - Michael de Leeuw(CHI)
 7 - Shkelzen Gashi(COL)
 8 - Harrison Afful(CLB)
 9 - Kevin Molino(MNU)
10 - Fredy Montero(VAN)
11 - Christian Ramirez(MNU)


Tosaint Ricketts(TOR)
Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla(MON)
Christian Bolanos(VAN)

Not Playing
Kendall Watson(VAN)
Roland Matarrita(NYC)


  1. Sent to Freddy:

    Hi Freddy,

    There is an issue that has persisted for a very long time that I wish was clarified.

    It involves the players

    Kendall Watson (New England Defender) and
    Kendall Waston (Vancouver Defender)

    Note the difference in spelling of the last names.

    On the Players page of the BTSL site you indicate that SC Canada has Kendall Watson (NER) while on SC Canada’s weekly lineups he indicates ownership of Kendall Watson (note Wa*ts*son) on Vancouver. There is no Kendall Watson on Vancouver, only Kendall Waston.

    This was very nearly an issue for me several weeks ago when Kendall Waston was in consideration of my selecting him for a transfer.

    Obviously, this is a relatively minor issue in most ways, as defenders do not often score. But, they do often provide yellow cards and Waston (Vancouver) is a bit prolific in that.

    Therefore, I am requesting that this be resolved one way or the other before it becomes a point of contention in a match or transfer decision.

    Thank you!

    Paul (Cumberland AC)

  2. I've always thought I had the Vancouver one thats the one I drafted at the beginning of the season.